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The DSW600 is a shallow-depth in-wall subwoofer designed to handle the most bass-heavy music and action-movie soundtracks effortlessly. Deep, powerful and exciting bass is delivered with perfect timing down to 24Hz thanks to Meridian’s unique ‘DSP’ advantage and Enhanced Bass Alignment Technology. The DSW600 can integrate into a variety of installation applications. It delivers impactful bass in any room size as part of any loudspeaker configuration and, when combined with any Meridian Architectural loudspeaker, the resulting two-box in-wall solution provides full-range performance suitable for either two-channel or surround-sound systems. It can also be used to play the dedicated LFE channel - either on its own or when used in multiples.




• Immersive, room-filling, punchy bass with power, accuracy and low distortion. • On-board, Class-D amplifier with low output impedance, capable of delivering over 600W of power without taking up space or generating heat in the rack. • Long-throw, low-profile, 10-inch drive-unit allows the DSW600 cabinet to have a depth of only 87mm (3.5in) enabling it to be built into shallow wall spaces. • No separate back-box is required. • Fully sealed, birch plywood acoustic enclosure with internal bracing ensures reliable, repeatable performance. • Designed for flexibility in its installation, either behind acoustically transparent fabrics and screens, or built into plastered or solid walls. • Ideal for use in high-end installations where soundquality is paramount.



ON-BOARD DSP On-board DSP provides thermal and dynamic bass protection while retaining very accurate transients, ensuring that when the subwoofer is played at high levels – even over prolonged periods of time – it always delivers a clean and accurate sound. ENHANCED BASS ALIGNMENT (EBA) Meridian’s innovative Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology uses two different technologies to time-align differing frequencies, resulting in audibly improved bass transients and added life and clarity when the subwoofer is combined with other Meridian Digital Active Loudspeakers. MERIDIAN APODISING FILTER A unique Meridian DSP filter that avoids pre-ringing, so it can be steeper, cleaning up the effects of early, less efficient filters used in the digital recording process. The result: a better, cleaner sound from recordings both old and new. FIFO BUFFERING Meridian’s ‘First In, First Out’ buffering system minimises jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity. You enjoy a clearer feeling of the instruments and their interrelationship.


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