Tastiera Lutron Palladiom




Palladiom QS wallstations combine elegant design with intuitive operation. The wallstations allow the control of lights, shades/drapes and HVAC from one location, providing the optimal user experience.


Models available for Quantum® and myRoom™ systems

Choose from architectural-style or international-style models


- rectangular wall-plate aesthetic
- single-column models offering 2-buttons, 3-buttons, 3-buttons with raise/lower, or 4-buttons


- square wallplate aesthetic
- single-column models offering 2-buttons, 3-buttons, 3-buttons with raise/lower, or 4-buttons
- dual-column models offer various combinations of 2-buttons,   
3-button with raise/lower, and 4-button configurations in a single unit

Surface mount for easy installation, no backbox required

Master raise/lower brightens or dims all lighting, or raises/lowers all assigned shades in the last selected scene or toggled group

Large buttons are easy to use

Buttons and wallplates are made from the same material for a coordinated aesthetic

Optional button backlighting with customizable engraving make it easy to find and operate wallstations in low light conditions

Available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement any décor 

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